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For more information about our services or to request a quote, contact Jonathan Seddon:

Mobile: 07973 343857


Address: 62 Snowhill, Easebourne, West Sussex GU29 9BL



On occasion we work in tandem with garden designers who will bring their own expertise to a project. For complex designs, the benefit of having an accredited designer on board is without question; they make available to prospective contractors the same plans for quotation purposes – a very useful tool that means all those quoting are on a level playing field. They will have an eye on the future development of the garden over time whilst keeping a reign on the actual day by day construction. They act as a point of reference between us, the contractor, and you the client, especially when alterations to a plan are deemed necessary, or details need to be agreed upon.

Whether you choose to work along with a garden designer or not you can be assured that our overriding consideration is that you end up with the garden you wanted; one that lasts, that brings pleasure all year round and one that, once we leave, you can really make your own.